Symphony No.36, "Linz"

In a letter dated 9 January 1782 to his father, Mozart confessed: ‘Without my beloved Constanze I can be neither happy nor cheerful…‘. A few months later, on 4 August, despite his father’s repeated disapproval, Wolfgang married Constanze Weber. The following year, 1783, the couple went to visit Leopold Mozart, а visit which understandably went badly for both parties. Mozart and Constanze then headed to Linz and visited Count Johann Josef Franz Anton von Thun und Hohenstein, chamberlain to the Emperor, Grand Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge in Bohemia and an expert on the art of music. Count Thun und Hohenstein had his own chapel and shared his time between Linz and Prague. On his initiative Mozart undertook the writing of a new symphony and dedicated it to him. On November 3rd, 1783 the Symphony in C major was performed in Linz at the Academy concert organised at the home of Count Thun und Hohenstein.

Without going beyond the traits of Mozart’s individuality, there are moments in the Symphony that are akin to the music of Joseph Haydn. Some of these are: the slow introduction to the first movement, the stylisation of the Siciliana in the slow movement, the character of the minuet, the thematic and dynamic contrasts in the finale, etc. The Symphony does not compete with the ‘great’ Mozart examples, namely his last three symphonies, but it is a worthy expression of his compositional genius.

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