Bulgarian Poem

In the Bulgaria tone poem, the composer ” echoes” his romantic vision of his homeland, of a “forgotten Bulgaria” of values and traditions depersonalized by time, of worthy moments in history, of ancient roots, of natural beauty and uniqueness, of the importance of faith and shrine images. Boyadjieff describes his music as “late romantic” and lyrical, combining elements of both the melodicism of Vladigerov and the songs of early American music. The work is a kind of impression with delicate Bulgarian intonations, created in tribute to Pancho Vladigerov.

The tone poem was created in 2014 and is recorded for National Radio under the baton of Grigor Palikarov with the support of Musicautor Cultural Fund.

The composer presents his music as a nostalgic look at Vazov and Yovkov’s Bulgaria, to the stories of Elin Pelin, the tales of Angel Karaliychev, as a pastoral and loving to the beauty of our lands, in which the spiritual element is also present, the rise of the Christian faith, the strength of the spirit against the enslavers, the victory of the Good and the human spirit. For some people these ideals may be too outdated, but for me they are past, present, future, and the only salvation for my country from the world that us surrounding me. The piece is short, but I have tried to say everything in it. Dedicated to to Pancho Vladigerov, of whom I am a lifelong admirer and follower. I hope to unlock a smile, kindness and a sense of pride that we were born in this country, tiny as a territory but huge in spirit.

This is the second concert performance of this work, again conducted by Grigor Palikarov and our National philharmonic orchestra, which for me is the true flag of a nation.

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