Violin Concerto

The Violin concerto “Sky above us” was written in the year 2021 and is detected to all nations of our planet for peace and freedom and brotherhood of nations.

The large orchestration of the Symphonie Orchestra in correspondent with the Solo violin  shows the different musical styles of the 5 continents. So that all the nations can feel at home in the sound and style of the concert. The sound of the violin is a global instrument from the past and can show us as well musical styles of the future.

The title “Sky above us” shall remind us that we are all children of our planet.

Modern rhythm, emotional tunes and virtuosi violin solo parts in the neo romantic cross over style should attract the audience and lets them dive in a wonderful sound cloud.

The concerto consists of three movements (Maestoso – Adagio – Allegro). Like frames from a film strip, musical pictures and images, violin and orchestral episodes, contrasting tempos alternate, representing the author’s idea of political and cultural unity of nations.

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