Reverie  by ROBERT SCHUMAN is from his piano cycle “Children’s Scenes”. Written in 1838, “Children’s Scenes” embodies the romantic spirit and unique talent of the composer to achieve a large-scale narrative in miniature. In a letter dated March 17th , 1838, Schumann wrote to his future wife, Clara Wieck (Schumann), about a series of “about 30 exquisite little plays.” Of these, 13 plays are included in “Scenes from Childhood”, originally titled “Easy Pieces”, and the rest are published in “Album for the Young”. The musical content is not limited to children’s imagery, on the contrary – the plays are created as “scenes through the eyes of adults to children’s ideas”, respectively, and the romantic sentimentality in them is alien to children’s emotionality. In fact, Schumann connects the music of this period with thoughts for Clara Wieck. She also rediscovered emotional intimacy with them. On March 24th , 1839, in a letter to the composer, Clara Wieck admitted that she was experiencing the same poetic revelation and emotional daydream she has discovered in the music.

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