"Song" from "Bulgarian Suite", Version for Violin and Orchestra

Vladigerov spent the summer of 1926 in Bulgaria and participated in the first musical events in Varna. There he composed the two pieces for violin and piano “Romance” and “Orientalis” in just two days (9-10 August). After his return to Berlin in the autumn, he composed the BULGARIAN SUITE for piano in four parts – “As a March”, “Song”, “Choral” and “Ruchenitsa” – in just two months. And in March 1927 he performed it for the first time at his concert in Paris. And the following year he completed its reworking for a large symphony orchestra, dedicating it “To the Bulgarian People for the 1000th Anniversary of Simeon and the 50th Anniversary of Liberation”, for the celebrations in Bulgaria in August 1928. He later replaced this dedication with the laconic ‘A ma patrie’ (‘To my Motherland’). The famous suite has transcriptions for two pianos and for string orchestra, and the beautiful second movement, SONG, in versions for violin and piano, cello and piano, and the 1951 transcription for violin and orchestra, have been a staple of the repertoire of the greatest Bulgarian performers.

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