A Song from Bulgarian Suite

A Song from Bulgarian Suite – Pancho Vladigerov

The Bulgarian Suite was created by Pancho Vladigerov in 1926. Originally, the author wrote the piece for solo piano, and in the following year he completed the orchestral score as well. The work is in four movements, based on authentic motifs from Bulgarian folklore, and carries the dedication To My Fatherland. The individual movements also have titles as follows: March, Song, Horo, Rachenitsa. Nearly half a century after its creation – in 1977 – Vladigerov made the only transcription of the suite in its entirety – an arrangement for two pianos.

The Bulgarian Suite is an extremely popular piece and its second part – Song – is a jewel of Bulgarian musical art. It has also undergone a number of arrangements – the author arranged it for cello and piano, for violin and piano, for violin and orchestra and for chamber orchestra. The beautiful, flowing and evocative melody of the Song” has some enchanting intimacy about it which reaches directly to the hearts of the listeners. The piece is a permanent feature in the repertoire of most Bulgarian musicians, especially violinists. One of the most frequently performed movements of the suite, it is preferred for “encore” performances or as a stand-alone number on concert programs.

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