"Tzigane" - Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra

Ravel composed the TZIGANE RHAPSODIE DE CONCERT for the Hungarian violinist Jelly d’Arányi (a niece of the famous virtuoso Joseph Joachim). The original version was for violin and luthéal attachment (lute piano) – a new type of “prepared” piano patented in 1919, with several tone-colour registrations which could be engaged by pulling stops above the keyboard. This arrangement was in keeping with the idea of the exoticism of gypsy music.It was premiered by d’Arani and pianist Henri Marchot on 26 April 1924 in London. The composer immediately made the orchestral version, orchestra was first performed in Amsterdam on 19 October 1924, with Pierre Monteux conducting the Concertgebouw and Samuel Dushkin, soloist. On 30 November 1924 the Paris premiere featured Jelly d’Arányi and the Concerts Colonne under the direction of Gabriel Pierné.  Through this work, Ravel seems to “recall” the romantic virtuoso violin style of the likes of Paganini and Sarasate.

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