Percussion Concerto

Concert music for percussions and orchestra was written in Norway in 1986 and has been performed several times. The premiere and the studio recording for the National Radio were made under the composer’s conducting with the soloists of the Polyrhythmia ensemble Antonin Brzęczka, Boris Dinev and Assen Avramov. It was also performed with the soloists Tatiana Koleva, Alexander Tsvetkov and Erol Rakipov. The concert music is amazingly balanced between modernity of expression and communicativeness. Timbres, touches, intonations, combinations of instruments – are exquisite, precisely found and arranged in a structure that in itself affects and engages the listener. The work consists of two movements with different narratives – the first is predominantly meditative, colouristic, the second theatrical, with plenty of dialogue, sonorities that open the imagination.

The work also contains sufficiently clear identification markers, such as the so-called “bell sonorities”, which are present not only in Bulgarian music, but also in other schools of composers from the orthodox world; the racing dialogues, the specific rhythmics and the moments of catharsis – all very typical of all Balkan music.

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