Cherkin’s most emblematic work, Sevdana, a piece for violin and piano was created in 1944 and given a premiere performance that same year by the outstanding Bulgarian violinist Nedyalka Simeonova with Lilyana Bainova at the piano. According to some researchers, Cherkin drew inspiration for the composition of this enthralling musical poem (which is cast in the folk spirit and with its fascinating melody expresses the emotion of an innermost longing), from Tzanko Tzerkovski’s play Beneath the Olden Skies. The composer’s grandson, eminent Bulgarian pianist Georgi Cherkin, relates: “As to the title Sevdana, it is the name of a girl, with whom I believe my grandfather was enamoured, but as this love was never fulfilled, he expressed his great passion in this beautiful piece of music“. Even to this day, Sevdana ranks among the most popular and loved works in the repertoire of all great Bulgarian violinists.

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