Piano Concerto No.2

Frederic Chopin wrote two piano concertos. The first one he wrote was in F minor and dated 1829, but was not completed until 1830, a little earlier than the second, in E minor. In 1830 – 1831 the score of Concerto No 2 in F minor was lost and then rewritten. This concerto was released later than the Concerto in E minor, in 1836, and is therefore known as No 2. In the time he composed the Concerto in F minor, Chopin was in love with Konstancja Gładkowska (a young singer who studied at the Warsaw Conservatory), but later dedicated himself to Delfina Potocka (a talented and highly educated woman with whom Chopin had a passionate relationship for four years. They remained good friends after their separation). Created when Chopin was 19- 21 years old, the piano concertos present the young composer’s romantic reading of the classical dramatic principles of the three-part concert genre. In the Concerto in F minor, the first theme of the first part is short. The second theme is developed (the composer used it later in his Nocturne in C sharp minor, left as Lento con gran espressione, 1830 or 1833). The romantic sensitivity of the music gives uniqueness to this early Chopin work. The reprise is charming in sound, with a light and graceful pianistic texture, colored by the richness and strength of youthful emotions. The second part is remarkable for the melodicity and simplicity of the main lyrical theme and intimate romance, as well as for the virtuosity of the ornaments and the expressiveness of the recitative in the middle (foreshadowing his remarkable later Prelude in F minor, Op. 28). The finale reveals a concert brilliance. Smooth movements alternate with short rhythmic groups, the continuous movement ends in a bright Code. Chopin’s two piano concertos are among the most performed romantic piano repertoire.

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