Poeme for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 25

Ernest  Chausson remains famous above all for his POEM FOR VIOLIN AND ORCHESTRA, written in response to a request from Eugène Ysaÿe for a violin concerto. In fact, Ysaÿe was expecting to receive a violin concerto, but Chausson had already written a chamber concerto for piano, violin and string quartet and had no desire to compose a concerto with orchestra, saying in a letter to Ysaÿe: “ I hardly know where to begin with a concerto, which is a huge undertaking, the devil’s own task. But I can cope with a shorter work. It will be in very free form with several passages in which the violin plays alone. “. He completed the work in the spring of 1896 while on holiday in Florence. Chausson initially called it Le Chant de l’amour triomphant, then changed it to Poème symphonique, and finally to simply Poème.  The original title came from the 1881 romantic novella The Song of Love Triumphant (Le Chant de l’amour triomphantПеснь торжествующей любви) by the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev, in which the writer reflected the actual relationship between the famous singer Pauline Viardots’ daughter Marianne who was engaged for some time to Gabriel Fauré, but broke it off and instead married Alphonse Duvernoy. The free development of the poem somewhat covertly follows the plot of the novella, but without being bound by extra-musical associations.

In the autumn of 1896, Eugène Ysaÿe, Ernest Chausson and their wives were holidaying at Sitges on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. At a party hosted by the Catalan painter Santiago Rusiñol, Ysaÿe and Chausson’s wife on piano gave an impromptu sight-read performance of Poème; local townspeople who overheard it demanded it be encored three times.Present at the party were Enrique Granados and possibly Isaac Albéniz. Poème’s formal premiere was at the Nancy Conservatoire on 27 December 1896, conducted by Guy Ropartz, with Ysaÿe as soloist, but But it was not really noticed until Ysaÿe gave the Paris premiere, at a Colonne Concert on 4 April 1897. Chausson was overcome by the sustained applause, something he had not experienced in his career to that point.

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