Nikola Nikolov

Nikola Nikolov (violin) Born to a Bulgarian family of musicians, Nikola Nikolov began violin studies at age 8 in Nice. The Cannes Orchestra Academy deepened his passion for orchestral music. Opting for music over aviation, he specialized in chamber music at the onservatoire National Superieur de Paris. His dedication led to performances at notable venues […]

Elias David Moncado

“The pronunciation of his name stands for that, what he is: A gift.” Anne-Sophie Mutter “Moncado is a warmly communicative and sympathetic player, and there was much to enjoy in his truth-seeking and heart-on-sleeve account.” THE STRAD 22-year-old German-Spanish-Malaysian violinist Elias David Moncado is scholarship holder of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Stiftung since 2023. He is […]