Колаж на Белла Воче

“Bella Voce” Vocal Ensemble is founded at the end of 2014, thanks to five talented opera singers – Maria Yakovcheva, Elena Mehandzhiiska, Yulia Ninkova, Neda Atanasova, Rositsa Pavlova – Indjeva, Maria Ilieva – Piano, and of course Sofia Philharmonic. Atracted by beauty of chamber music, the performers present their creative reading of pieces in a unique way, which rarely sound on the home stage. So far they have realized ten theme concerts – “Night of Spanish music”, “Night with songs on a lyrics by Heine”, “Night with songs, inspired by folklore”, “Italia Bella”, “Cabaret Modern”, “Amadeus Time”, “From Slavic World”, “The Old Masters”, “Summer Nights”, “In love Pilgrim”.

With each passing concert, the ensemble develops its concept, as most of the concerts are presented as performances. The singers work together with artist and musicians like Daniel Tsochev, Valentin Ganev, Hristo Cheshmedzhiev, Stefan Vuchov, Milena Giurova, Petar Danailov, Mark Fauler, Slavil Dimitrov, Stefan Vrachev, prof. Bogdana Popova, Rumen Traikov, Tsvetan Krumov, Mihail Zhivkov, Quarto Quartet, Sofia Quartet and others. The directors working with them are Rositsa Kostova, Petko Bonev, Mariana Krancheva, Elza Laleva.


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