Yehezkiel Braun

YEHEZKEL BRAUN is a renowned Israeli composer of the second half of the last century, established in the genres of orchestral, chamber, vocal, applied music and pop arrangements. He has won the Israel Prize, the ACUM Prize and the Yakir Prize.

He was born in 1922 in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland) and soon after moved with his family to Mandate Palestine. During the Second World War he volunteered for the British Army’s Jewish Brigade and was sent to Tel Aviv as a biology teacher after the end of the war. Until then, music was a hobby for him, for which he studied harmony and counterpoint with Alexander Uriah Boskovich. With the outbreak of the 1948 Jewish-Arab War, Braun rejoined the military.

Convinced that he had rare musical gifts, he entered the Israel Academy of Music in Tel Aviv. In 1966, after the Academy was affiliated with Tel Aviv University, he began his academic career. In 1975, Braun studied Gregorian chant with Father Dom Jean Clair at a Benedictine monastery in France. In 1989 he was named Professor Emeritus of the University.



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