Sebastian Skelly

Sebastian Skelly  began his musical adventures at an early age, taking piano lessons very early on for a few years. Taking up the trumpet at the age of 7, he then joined numerous youth orchestras in England, wind and brass bands, which kept him busy throughout his school years. He attended the Junior Royal Academy of Music in London, where he discovered his love of composition and arrangement. After completing a degree in Creative Music Technology at the University of Surrey in 2013, Seb has been touring the UK and Europe. The composers he is most inspired by are Ravel, Vaughan Williams and Shostakovich from whose works he has learnt a great deal about orchestration, particularly so Ravel. He is also much influenced by the work of film composers like Thomas Newman and Howard Shore. He is just as inspired by some of the great jazz giants like Miles Davis and Bill Evans.

Seb Skelly has won various composition competitions with plays in a wide range of genres. He is not a purist musician – he plays the trumpet in a symphony orchestra, in a brass quintet, in the Big Band of the University of Surrey. Seb has been touring the UK and Europe with his two bands Bare Jams and Dat Brass, playing countless festivals such as Glastonbury, The Isle of Wight Festival, and Boomtown Fair. He equally likes classical music and jazz, alternative music, reggae, funk, pop and rock, hip-hop, electronic music. As an arranger, he first started making arrangements for a brass band to play with colleagues at the University. In 2016, using new music technologies, he began recording and presenting original pieces and arrangements for wind ensembles and big bands on his YouTube channel, attracting a large audience.

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