Rumen Bayraktarov

Rumen Bayraktarov (b. 1946) graduated from the National Academy of Music in 1975. He studied Composition under Professor Alexander Raychev. He continued his education with Olivier Messiaen in Paris. In 1995, he joined the staff of the Music Pedagogy Faculty of Sofia University as lecturer in music theory subjects. He was promoted associate professor in 2000. Since 1998 he has been Head of the Financial Department of the Union of Bulgarian Composers.
He wrote works for symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, choir, etc. Stylistically, his music is close to the 20th century symphonism, as witnessed by the opened dramaturgy and the semantically charged context applied in various genres. He released two LPs and a CD. The first LP including his Symphony 1 and Violin Concerto was awarded the Best Record of the Year Prize by the US-based Kusevicki Foundation (1985). The foundation made these works be broadcast by radio stations all over the world. He was awarded the prize of the Union of Bulgarian Composers for his symphonic work. In 2002 he received the first prize at the Competition for Works for Two Pianos, organised by the Tokyo-based International Piano Duo Association and was invited to join the Association.

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