MAX  (KRISTIAN FRIEDRICH) BRUCH is one of the rare examples of an artist who in the turbulent time of the late nineteenth and the early decades of the twentieth century – a period pervaded by radical innovative quests – remained true to the artistic ideals and traditions of the romantic era. His long standing careeer as a professor, conductor and composer is associated with different German musical centres – Мannheim, Koblentz, Sonderhausen, Bonn. For three seasons he was also the conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Society of Liverpool, then for over twenty years, until 1910, was professor of composition at Berlin’s High School of ftusic.

His extensive musical output spans over 200 opuses in all genres, among them Scottish Fantasy for violin and orchestra and his Kol Nidrei piece for violoncello and orchestra based on a devotional Hebrew incantation. But the first of his three violin concertos remains his most popular work, an attractive piece for any violin virtuoso from the time of the celebrated Joseph Joachim until today.

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