Marin Goleminov

Marin Goleminov graduated from the State Academy of Music in Sofia with violin (with Prof. Todor Torchanov) and theoretical disciplines (with Prof. Dobri Hristov and Prof. Nikola Atanassov). In 1931-34, he attended the Scola Santorum in Paris, where he studied composition with Prof. Vincent D’Endy, Paul Le Flem and Albert Bertelin. He attended lectures on composition with Paul Ducas in Ecole Normale de musique, as well as lectures on music theory, aesthetics and literature in the Sorbonne. Having returned to Bulgaria, he played the second violin in the famous Avramov Quartet (1935-38). He is one of the initiators and of the foundation of the Chamber Orchestra of Radio Sofia and served as its conductor (1936-38). In 1938, Goleminov went to Munich, where he specialized for one year at the Academy of Music Composition (with Prof. Joseph Haas and Prof. H. Kneppe) and conducting under Prof. Carl Ehrenberg.  Since 1943, for four decades, he has been professor at the National Academy of Music in instrumentology, orchestration, conducting and composition. Subsequently he became its rector (1954-56), director of the Sofia Opera (1965-67). Awarded the prestigious Gottfried von Herder Award of the University of Vienna (1976). A member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in 1989 he was named academician for his tremendous creative achievements. Goleminov composed operas, such as Ivaylo, The Golden Bird, Zachariy the Zograph, Thracian Idols, the dance drama The Daughter of Kaloyan, four symphonies, eight string quartets, Chamber music for various ensembles, etc. Goleminov is a music publisher and author of theoretical works such as Problems of the Orchestration, Back to the Springs of Bulgarian Tonal Art, Behind the Scenes of the Creative Process.


"Aquarelles" for String Orchestra
"Awakening and Dance of Demna" from Ballet "Fire-Dancing Woman"
"Ballad for the April’s Uprising" for Soloists, Mixed Chorus and Orchestra
"Dance with Swords" from Opera "Ivaylo"
"Diptych" for Flute and Orchestra
"Fire-Dance" from "Fire-Dance Ballet"
"It's January" Poem for Voice and Orchestra, lyrics by D. Metodiev
"Lud Gidiya" (Madcap) for Mixed Choir on a poem by Pencho Slaveykov
"Peasant Song" for Bass and Symphony Orchestra
Aria of Ivaylo, Picture II, Act II from Opera "Ivaylo"
Aria of Ivaylo, Picture III, Act II from Opera "Ivaylo"
Aria of Maria, Picture VI, Act III from Opera "Ivaylo"
Brass Quintet
Bulgarian Dances
Cello Concerto No.1
Choir from Opera "Ivaylo"
Concert Piece
Concerto for Double bass and Orchestra
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra (1984)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Concerto for String Orchestra
Concerto for String Quartet and String Orchestra
Concerto for Violin
Dance from "Five Sketches for String Orchestra"
Etude No.2
Five Sketches for String Quartet/String Orchestra
Four Miniatures on Traditional Songs (1953) for String Orchestra
From "Fire-Dancing Woman"
Lament for Symphony Orchestra
Little Suite for Solo Viola
Oratory "The Titan"
Overture from Opera "Ivaylo"
Poem for the Partisans
Prelude, Aria and Toccata for Piano and Orchestra
Six Miniatures on Folksongs for String Quartet
Sonata for Solo Cello
Sonata for Violin and Viola
String Quartet No.4 "Microquartet"
String Quartet No.5
Suite from "Fire-Dancing Woman" - Six Movements
Suite from Ballet "Kaloyan’s Daughter"
Suite from the Dance Drama Nestinarka - (arr. for String Quartet by Roumen Boyadziev Jr.)
Symphonic Poem
Symphony Impressions after Paintings by the Bulgarian Artist Vladimir the Master
Symphony No.1 "Chlidrens"
Symphony No.2
Symphony No.3 "To Piece in the World"
Symphony No.4 "Shoppophony"
Symphony-Cantata “Resurrection for the Living”
Variations on a Theme by Dobri Hristov
Village Holiday from Ballet "Fire-Dancing Woman"
Wind Quintet No.2

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