Lyubomir Pipkov

LYUBOMIR PIPKOV belongs to the foremost Bulgarian classicist composers who have created some of the most brilliant works of Bulgarian art of music and found a place in the bulk of the twentieth century cultural achievement. His versatile artistic realization as a composer, writer (poet and essayist), public figure, educator and painter with strong public presence and progressive persuasions for the time have defined him as a leading figure in the musical culture and Bulgarian intellectual elite in the thirties to the seventies of the twentieth century. He studied piano with Ivan Tortchanov and Henrich Wisner. Graduated from Ecole normale supérieure de music in Paris, France, where he studied composition with Paul Ducas and Nadia Boulanger, and piano with Yvonne Lefébure. After his final return to Bulgaria in 1932, he worked as accompanist and chorus master at the Sofia Opera and in 1933 was among the founders of the newly established Society of Bulgarian Composers Modern Music, becoming actively involved in its work. After 1944, he held prominent public positions. Director of the Sofia Opera (1944-1948). From 1948, he was professor of vocal ensemble performance in the Music Academy in Sofia. He was the founder and first editor-in-chief of the Bulgarian Music magazine, which began to be published in 1948. Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Composers (1945 – 1954). Lyubomir Pipkov wrote in all the genre spheres of his time, creatively rethinking their imagery and musical language. He authored: operas Yana’s Nine Brothers, Momchil and Antigone’43; cantata Wedding, Oratorio for Our Time, Five Songs on Foreign Poets, Chamber Cantata for soprano, bass and chamber orchestra, and other vocal-orchestral works; four symphonies and other works for symphony, string and chamber orchestras; Concerto for Violin and Orchestra; Concerto for piano and Orchestra; chamber music; choral and solo-voice songs, children’s songs, arrangements of folk songs for voice and piano; film scores, etc.

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