Jules Levy (1930–2006) graduated from the National Academy of Music in 1957 majoring in Composition under Professor Vesselin Stoyanov. Later he specialised in France (1962, 67). He worked as performer (1945 – 48) and conductor (1948 – 50) at the non-professional ensemble Liliana Dimitrova. From 1948 to 1950, he did musical settings to children’s radio theatre productions at the Bulgarian National Radio. In 1950, he became conductor of the Ensemble of the Bulgarian Armed Forces. From 1958 to 1963, he worked as a composer and conductor of the orchestra of the Theatre for Satire. He was chief conductor of the State Music Theatre (1963-91) and lecturer at the State Academy of Music. He founded and conducted the chamber string orchestra Theatre Collegium for Music. Together with Dotzo Vatkov he conducted and artistically directed the pop music wind orchestra in Dimitrovgrad.
He was secretary of the Union of Bulgarian Composers (1973 – 80). He was also secretary general of the Bulgarian National Music Committee at the International Music Council of the UNESCO (1974 – 81) and secretary of the European Group of the National Music Committees at the International Music Council of the UNESCO (1980 – 81).
He composed in a variety of genres. Most popular are his musical plays and other stage works. He wrote four symphonies and other works for symphony and wind orchestra; theatre music; pop songs, mass songs; music to radio programmes, TV and short films, etc. His works were recorded and performed in Bulgaria and abroad. He was prizewinner at the International Composition Festival in Moscow (1957). He also won the Sofia Music Award and other prizes and was also nominated at the International Composers’ Rostrum in Paris (1974). He was member of juries of international festivals and competitions.

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