Gioachino Rossini

The Italian composer GIOCINO ROSSINI is famous for its exceptional performance. At the age of 20, he had already gained the fame of the most popular and beloved opera composer in Italy. He is the author of more than 30 operas. Their tunes became singalongs for the audience.

Between 1810 and 1813 the young Rossini had composed four farces. Acting and comedy talent is very important for performing such works, in comparison to many genres of opera art. Il signor Bruschino is defined as a vital musical comedy. Giuseppe Maria Foppa’s libretto is based on the French play of 1809 „Le fils par hasard, ou ruse et folie” (The Accidental Son or Cunning and Madness) by René de Chazet and Maurice Ourry. The opera was first performed in Venice at the Teatro San Moisè on January 27th, 1813. After Rossini’s friends heard the overture to it, they nicknamed the composer „Mr. Crescendo,” which best illustrates the passion and speed which the composer worked with. The first scene of the opera begins with the aria of Florville, who is in love with Sofia – Deh Tu M’assisti Amore (Oh, you help me love).

La Pietra del Paragone (The Touchstone) is a cheerful melodrama in two acts based on the libretto by Luigi Romanelli. Its first performance was at the Teatro alla Scala, Milan, on September 26th, 1812. The Giocondo’s aria from the second act Quell’alme pupille is very popular.


"A un dottor della mia sorte", aria of Bartolo from Opera "Il barbiere di Siviglia", Act 1
"Prayer" from Opera "Mosè in Egitto"
"Stabat Mater" for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra
Aria of Cenerentola
Aria of Don Ramiro (Sì, ritorvarla io giuro), Act II from Opera "La Cenrentola"
Aria of Isabella, Act II from Opera "L'italiana in Algeri"
Aria of Rosina (Una Voce Poco Fa), Second Scene, Act I from Opera "The Barber of Seville"
Aria of Semiramida
Aria of Tancredi
Aria of Wilhelm Tell, Act III from Opera "Wilhelm Tell"
Cavatina of Don Basilio ("La Calunia") from Opera "The Barber of Seville"
Choir, Scene and Rondo of Isabella (Pronti abbiamo – Amici, in ogni evento – Pensa alla patria) from Opera "L'italiana in Algeri"
Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra
Deh tu M’assisti Amore from act I of „Il Signor Bruschino” (1813)
Duet for Cello and Bass
Duet of Rosina and Figaro, Act I from Opera The Barber of Seville
Il barbiere di Siviglia, Act 2 - “Zitti, Zitti… “
Introduction to the Opera "Mosè in Egitto"
Introduction, Theme and Variations for Clarinet and Orchestra
Overture "Tancredi"
Overture from "La gazza ladra"
Overture from Opera "Il signor Bruschino"
Overture from Opera "L'italiana in Algeri"
Overture from Opera "La Cenerentola"
Overture from Opera "Le siège de Corinthe"
Overture from Opera "Semiramide"
Overture from Opera "The Barber of Seville"
Overture from Opera "The Bill of Marriage"
Overture from Opera "Wilhelm Tell"
Petite messe solennelle
Quell’Alme Pupille from act II of „La Pietra del Paragone” (1812)
Recitative of Matilde, Act II from Opera "Wilhelm Tell"
Rondo with Chorus from the opera "Tancredi", Act 2
Semiramide's Cavatina with Chorus (Bel raggio lusinghier) from the opera "Semiramide", Act I
Soirées Musicales No.9 - La Danza, Tarantella Napoletana
Sonata for Strings No.1 in G Major
Three Sacred Choruses (Trois choeurs religieux), for female choir and strings

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