Georgi Andreev

GEORGI ANDREEV graduated in 1988 from the School for Folk Music and Instruments at the village of Shiroka Lǎka, majoring in gadulka (an ethnic variety of  the ‘rebeck’ peculiar to the Bulgarian folk music) and subsequently (1995) graduating with honours from the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” in the composition class of Prof. Alexander Tekeliev. Between 1992 and 1994, Andreev served as conductor of the representative orchestra and teacher of composition and orchestration at the Shiroka Lǎka school, then he was composer and arranger for the Bulgarian National Radio, becoming in 1994 conductor of the orchestra at the Filip Kutev National Ensemble for Folk Song and Dance. In 2000 became the chief conductor and deputy director of the Ensemble. Andreev was guest lecturer at the Universyty of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, USA, in 2009.

He was involved as composer and orchestrator of music for the world-famous computer games “Crysis 2”, “Crysis 3”, “Two Worlds”,”Rise”, teaming up for the job with renowned film composer Hans Zimmer. A regular member of national and international panels on music competitions and festivals,

Andreev has created numerous symphonic, oratorial, chamber instrumental and vocal music works, as well as music for dance and show performances, compositions for folk choir, folk orchestra, folk instruments and symphonic ensembles, as well as hundreds of arrangements of songs and pieces in various genres. His works are featured in the repertoire of symphony and chamber orchestras, ensembles and soloists, as well as in the programs of the Fortissimo Fest concerts. Over 80 percent of the current repertoire of the Filip Kutev Ensemble comprises works by Georgi Andreev. The Bulgarian National Rhythmic Gymnastics team has won numerous medals from the Olympics, World and European Championships with ensemble routines choreographed after his music.

In 2016 and 2017, as composer and instrumentalist, he performed in concerts with world-renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy, as well as with Jean Luc Ponty and Robert Plant. He has held 17 authorial concerts in Bulgaria and abroad, and his music has been performed in venues such as Royal Albert Hall, London; Kennedy Center, Washington; Symphony Hall, Osaka; Wang Theater, Boston; Symphony Hall, Birmingham; Avery Fisher Hall – Lincoln Center, New York, among others.

Winner of the Alfred Schnittke Prize for his Piano Sonata, the Maestro Dimitar Valchev Prize for his music for the show Two Worlds, the Musician of the Year Award for his production The Legend, the Special Award of the National Palace of Culture Art Salon for his Friendship Without Borders concert production; Classic FM Radio’s Golden Feather; the Golden Stave Award for his symphonic output, and the Golden Lyre Award of the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers for his lifetime creative achievement. Three times winner of the Seven Eights Composing Competition with his symphony poem Belasitsa and for his pieces The Enslaved and The Land of Roses.

In 2017, he was bestowed the status of Honorary Citizen of Haskovo.

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