Georges Barboteu

Georges Yves Barboteu (1924–2006) was a French horn player and composer. He was the son of a horn teacher at the Conservatoire d’Alger, he himself started playing the horn at the age of nine. He joined the Algiers Radio Symphony Orchestra at the age of fourteen and then the Orchestre national de France in 1948. He entered the conservatoire de Paris in 1950, where he received the honorary prize that same year.
In 1951, he won first prize in the Geneva International Music Competition. He was the main horn player of the Orchestre Lamoureux and from 1969 onwards of the Orchestre de Paris. He taught his instrument at the Conservatoire from 1969 to 1989.
Barboteu wrote horn study books, but also composed about forty pieces for horn alone or with other instruments that were often used in Conservatory examinations.
He left an important discography, recording many pages of chamber music and concertante music, from the 17-th century to the contemporary era. Most of his recordings were made by the Erato Records label.

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