Franz Schubert

FRANZ PETER SCHUBERT, whose life span ended just one year after Beethoven’s death, would probably have remained in the shadow of his great contemporary, had his oeuvre not carried the perceptibly different style of a new era. His lyrical conception of the world and the subtle, psychologically nuanced conveyance of his innermost self have cleared in many directions the road of Romanticism in European music. And if his music was known in his lifetime only to a very small circle of admirers in Vienna, in subsequent decades interest in his legacy has grown, thanks to artists such as Mendelssohn, Schumann, Liszt and Brahms, who have discovered and acclaimed his genius as one of the most significant composers of the early nineteenth century.

In his short 31-year life, he created around 600 songs, ten symphonies, liturgical opuses, operas and theatrical music, miniatures for home musical performances, dozens of piano and chamber works.


"Ganymed", D.544, Op.19 No.3
"Gretchen am Spinnrade" (Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel), Op. 2, D 118
"Rosamunde" Overture, Op. 26, D.797
"Rosamunde, Princess of Cyprus", D.797 - Incidental Music to Helmina von Chézy's Play
Ave Maria
Ave Maria (Ellens Gesang III „Hymne an die Jungfrau“), D 839, Op. 52 Nr. 6
Fantasia for piano, 4 hands in F minor, D. 940
Fantasie in C major, Op. 15 "Wanderer Fantasy" (D. 760)
Franz Schubert - String Quartet No.13 in a moll, op.23 Rosamunde
Introduction and Variations on "Trockne Blumen" for Flute and Fiano, op. posth. 160, D 802
Mass No. 1 in F major, for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra, D 105
Mass No. 2 in G major, for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra, D 167
Mass No. 3 in B-flat major, for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra, D 324
Mass No. 4 in C major, for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra, D 452
Mass No. 5 in A-flat major, for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra, D 678
Mass No. 6 in E-flat major, for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra, D 950
Moment Musicaux No.3
Notturno in E-flat major, Op. 148 (D. 897), for Violin, Cello and Piano
Overture in the Italian Style, D.591
Piano Quintet The Trout in A Dur оp.114 D.667
Piano Sonata in A moll, Op. 143
Rondo brillant in B minor for Violin and Piano, D. 895, op. 70
Rondo for Violin and Strings in A major, D 438
Serenade ("Ständchen"), D 889
Sonata for Violin and Piano ("Grand Duo") in A major, Op. posth. 162, D 574
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.3, D.408 in G minor
Sonata in A minor "Arpeggione", D. 821, arrangement by Dobrinka Tabakova for viola and string orchestra
Sonata in A minor for Arpeggione (Violoncello or Viola) and Piano, D. 821
Sonatina for Violin and Piano in D major, Op. 137, No. 1, D. 384
String Quartet No. 12 "Quartettsatz", in C minor, D 703
String Quartet No. 14 in D minor " Death and the Maiden"
String Quartet No. 3 in G minor, (D 173)
String Quartet No. 8 in B-flat major (D 112), Op. 168
String Quartet No.9 in G minor
String Quartet № 7 in D major
String Quintet with two cellos in C major, D.956, op.163
String trio in B-flat major, D 471
Symphony No. 1 in D major, D 82
Symphony No. 2 in B-flat Major, D 125
Symphony No. 3 in D major, D 200
Symphony No. 4 "Tragic" in C minor, D 417
Symphony No. 7 in E major, D 729
Symphony No.10
Symphony No.5 in B Dur D. 485
Symphony No.8 Unfinished in b moll D. 759
Symphony No.9 in C Major
Symphony №6

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