Victor Chuchkov

Renowned Bulgarian pianist and composer VICTOR CHUCHKOV  is familiar to audiences worldwide from his successful concert tours in Europe, Asia and America. Currently a professor in chamber music and piano at the Pancho Vladigerov National Academy of Music – Sofia,  Chuchkov wrote his first music composition when he was barely eight.  A student in piano of Prof. Lili Atanassova at the High School of Music in Sofia and at the Academy of Music, and in composition with Prof. Veselin Stoyanov, in 1966 Chuchkov won a scholarship to the Conservatoire of Santa Cecilia in Rome, graduating in composition with prof. Virgilio Mortari, piano with prof. Vincenzo Vitale, Ornella Santoliquido and Prof. Carlo Zecchi, and chamber music with Guido Agosti. As of 1990, Chuchkov has functioned as Secretary General of the Union of Bulgarian Composers and as its Chairman (1999-2005).

Viktor Chuchkov is author of symphonic and chamber music, the opera for children Svetulkata (‘The Firefly’), and the famous children’s songs Choir to the Creation and Rainbow (‘Could You Tell Me in Earnest’), and has written the scores to more than 50 films, including: Ivan Kondarev (1973), Sulamit (1999), Cristallo di Rocca (Italy, 2000), Tilt (2011), De ce eu? (‘Why Me?’, Romania, 2015), the experimental film Dancing on the Fire (1972), the animated Konservfilm (1989) and others. He was distinguished with the Grand Prix at the Varna International Film Festival (1973) and became winner of the Gold Star Award at the Zecchino d’Oro Festival in Bologna, Italy. His most popular compositions include among others: Letters from the Future (1981) – symphonic impressions for a singing voice, rock band and a symphony orchestra; Concerto for Laughter and Orchestra on Rossini Motifs (1992); Nostalgic Variations for caval (optional wooden flute), piano and orchestra (1994); Concerto for Violin, Cello, Piano and Orchestra (2003); Amadeus Fantasie – Variations for Two Pianos and Orchestra (2005); and Romantic Fantasy for violin, piano and orchestra (2009).

As a pianist, Victor Chuchkov has performed numerous recitals, and appeared as soloist with symphonic and chamber orchestras in Italy, Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Greece, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, and Georgia. He has conducted master classes in Brazil, the Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, Macedonia, Hong Kong and is often invited to international juries. Victor Chuchkov’s music and mastery of performance have received highest and most favourable praises and reviews. He was styled “a poet of sound, a virtuoso, an exciting interpreter of Mozart, Liszt, Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Brahms,”

Bulgarian pianist Victor Chuchkov can be described as one of the best Eastern European pianists” (Corriere della Sera, 1988)

He has music flowing out from all his cells. A great pianist” (Ennio Morricone).

A piano wizard…” (Groningen, The Netherlands, 2000)

“[Chuchkov] is blessed with the rare gift of keeping music in a state of constant readiness – in his head and on his hands. He plays with such genuineness that draws the sound straight from the spring, this magical Mozart sound! …”  (Musical Horizons, 2000).



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