Snezhina Kumanova

Snezhina Kumanova was born in Burgas. She graduated from the Institute for Music and Dance, Sofia, with a degree in violin (in the class of Prof. Petar Hristoskov )and conducting. She studied opera singing under the famous soprano – Liliana Vassileva-Nikolova and musical stylistics and interpretation with Irina Shtiglich. In 2007 she attended  a master class in Baroque Singing in Valtice (Czech Republic) in the class of Irena Troupová. She is currently working in the National Philharmonic Choir.

Snezhina Kumanova has participated as a soloist in many music festivals: The First European Music Festival (under the baton of Jan Jüst van Elbruch), the Darmstadt and Thessaloniki festivals, the March Music Days in Ruse, Apollonia.She has given concerts at home and abroad, in Germany and the Czech Republic. Her repertoire is varied and includes works from the Baroque era to contemporary music: Monteverdi, Ariosti, Telemann, Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Rossini, Brahms, Britten, Grieg, Rachmaninoff, Rubinstein, Sviridov, Schoenberg, Richard Strauss, Petr Eben, Lazar Nikolov, etc. She has participated in operas by Monteverdi and Verdi.


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