Miroslav Popsavov

Miroslav Popsavov was born in 1950 in Sofia into a family with established traditions in the spiritual realm. His father – Father Stefan Savov – served in the Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, his grandfather and great-grandfather were also clergymen, and music was the family’s constant companion. Since childhood Miroslav himself wanted to become a musician. His musical talent manifested itself at the ofia Seminary “Saint John Of Rila”. He was chosen by his teacher to be the conductor of the seminary choir. After graduating from the seminary, and subsequently from the Theological Academy (today the Faculty of Theology at St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University), Miroslav Popsavov also enrolled at the National Academy of Music, where he graduated in choral conducting under the great Bulgarian musician prof. Vasil Arnaudov. At the same time he directed the mixed choir at the Russian Cathedral in Sofia ” Saint Nicholas of Myra””, the Choir of the Sofia Maidens and the men’s choirs “Slavs” and “Sofia”, and later founded the mixed Sofia Orthodox Choir. From 2000 to the present time he has been the chief conductor of the cathedral choir at the Cathedral Church “Sveta Nedelya”.

As a conductor, Miroslav Popsavov actively performed with the choirs he conducts in France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the United States and Canada. He has won prizes in Bulgarian and international choral competitions. His extensive discography includes over 10 CDs released by Bulgarian and foreign record companies, available worldwide and broadcast on the world media.

As a professor of choral conducting at the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”, Miroslav Popsavov restored the Church Music Studies – a subject taught at the Academy even before 1944 by Dobri Hristov’s assistant – Angel Popkonstantinov, with the study at that time also of Eastern-New Music notation. The pedagogical experience of prof. Popslavov gains well deserved recognition abroad – in 2006-7 he was invited to give a demonstration course and concert of Eastern Orthodox church music at the University of Illinois.

In 2015, by a decree of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Miroslav Popsavov was awarded the title of Protopsalt of the BOC by His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria for his contribution to church music. He was also awarded the highest distinction of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria “Golden Century” – a necklace and a diploma for outstanding contribution to the development and popularization of Bulgarian culture and art.


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