Aleksandrina Mihaylova

The young opera hope Aleksandrina Mihaylova was born on 10.04.1998 in Shumen. At the age of 7 she started to play the piano at the “Anastas Stoyanov” United School of Arts under the guidance of Zdravka Hristova. She participated in a number of concerts and competitions as a pianist. She is also a long-time choir member in the  “Bodra Pesen” children’s choir. At the age of 14, she began to study opera singing at the United School of Arts in her hometown under  Nedka Telbizova. Soon she began appearing in concerts and competitions. She successfully participated in a number of competitions, she won the special award in the name of opera legend Ghena Dimitrova at the Viva Voce competition in Sofia. She got the first prize in the 2013 Franz Schubert International Competition in Ruse. She has performed in numerous concerts with the Shumen Symphony Orchestra.

In 2016 she auditioned for the International Master Class of the opera prima Raina Kabaivanska in Sofia, organized by the New Bulgarian University. She caught Maestra’s interest and took her in her class, but since Alexandrina has not yet finished school and did  not know Italian  yet, she could go to Italy. In 2017, she participated in the Master Class again, already a high school graduate and knowing Italian, at which point the Maestra granted her a scholarship to study in her Master Class in Modena, Italy. Until this year, Alexandrina was a scholarship holder of the Raina Kabaivanska Fund and a member of her Master Class, as well as a student at the Vecchi-Tonelli Music Institute in Modena. She participates in concerts as part of the Master Class in many cities such as Sofia, Burgas, Modena, Varese, Mirandola.

In 2019 she won second prize in the  “Ghena Dimitrova” International Competition for Opera Singers. The same year she performed Musetta together with other Master Class scholarship holders, presenting pictures from Puccini’s La Boheme at the Teatro Filharmonico in Verona.

In May 2021 she appeared at the Etta and Paolo Limiti International Opera Competition in Milan and won three prizes – first prize (PremioEtta e PaoloLimiti), the prize for the youngest talent and the Vota la voce prize for a concert in Seville.

After auditioning in three stages (14 – 16 July 2021)Aleksandrina Mihaylova was admitted to the new class 2021/23 at La Scala Milan. She is one of the ten young talents awarded a full scholarship to study.This is another great success in the professional development of the young singer.


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